"John Schmude understands the proper jurisdictions of government, the constitutional role of the courts, and the foundational principles of our state and nation.  I only wish we had more judicial candidates like him!"    

-Rick Green: Founder of the Patriot Academy & Co-host of David Barton's WallBuilder's Live!


Lifelong Republican & Constitutional Conservative

100% Conservative Voting Record

Only Candidate Endorsed by Pro-Life Organizations  

Endorsed by Texas Right to Life

Served on Board of Directors of Right to Life Advocates

Member – NRA & Gun Owners of America

Staunch Defender of the Constitution & Rule of Law

Only Candidate in the 247th who did NOT vote for Obama


John is a Native Texan and resides with his wife and children in Spring. 

As the youngest of ten children & the father of two, John’s commitment to family law is motivated by his faith & his recognition that strong families are the foundation of a healthy society.  He also understands the impact that family law judges have in family & Child Protective Services cases.


Family Law & Business Attorney who has represented hundreds primarily in family law cases involving adoptions, custody & child support, complex property divisions, divorces, CPS & family violence. 

John brought to his law practice substantial business experience, serving as the Vice President of a Houston based bank & credit union consulting firm & spending more than six years working with financial institutions, including institutions that serve families of military clients such as Andrews Air Force Base & Fort Bliss Federal Credit Unions.

Served as an 11th and 12th Grade History and Science teacher in Houston.

Served Native American families from the Lakota Sioux Tribe facing alcoholism, drug abuse and tremendous poverty. 

Graduated with Honors from South Texas College of Law.

As a practicing attorney, John has assisted and counseled numerous victims of abuse and family violence and has intervened on behalf of children and families who have faced extraordinary challenges.   


On May 27, 2014,

Vote JOHN SCHMUDE for Judge

of the 247th District Court

Or Vote EARLY Between May 19 - May 23


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